September 5 – Check in at “Camara Municipal de Castelo de Vide”

12.00 h: opening of the Secretariat at Castelo Vide City Hall

Welcome of registered visitors

18.30 h: close of the Secretariat

Check in at the different Hotels

19.30 h: Bus will pick you all for dinner

20.00 h: Welcome Dinner at Castelo Vide


September 6 – First Tour – “C. Vide”, Ouguela, “C. Vide”

08.30 h: Start of the Tour

09.30 h: 1st stop – “Mosteiros” Coffee break

10.30 h: 2nd stop – “Centro Ciência Café” Visit to Museum and Sellers

12.50 h: 3rd stop – “Ouguela” Lunch

14.15 h: 4th stop – Visit “Elvas”

15.05 h  5th stop – “Forte da Graça” and Coffee break

16.50 h: 5th stop – “Marvão” Visit

17.40 h: Return

19.30 h: Bus will pick you all for dinner

20.30 h: Dinner


September 7 – Second Tour – “C. Vide”, Estremoz, “C. Vide”

08.30 h: Start of the Tour

10.10 h: 1st stop – “Vila Viçosa” – coffee break

11.55 h: 2nd stop – “Lunch” Evoramonte Castel

13.10 h: 3rd stop – Pedreira (marble exploration)

13.55 h: 4th stop – Esteremoz Museum dos Bonecos

15.45 h: 5th stop – Arronches and Museum - Coffee break

17.10 h: Return

19.30 h: Bus will pick you all for dinner

20.30 h: Gala Dinner

End of the Official program and bye bye to all participants!

Farewell and until 2020, in ...Denmark!!


September 8th – optional Day

10.00 h: Start for the optional ride

10.45 h: 1st stop – Visit to Alter do Chão

12.00 h: Lunch Snack

14.45 h: 2nd stop – Visit to Fronteira village and Coffee break

16.25 h: 3rd stop - visit to Sra. da Penha

17.05 h: Return to Castelo de Vide and end of the day

19.30 h: Collection by bus for the dining area

20.30 h: Dinner and animation

Closure of the overall program of the event and farewell to those who remain!

Goodbye and until 2020, in the... Denmark!!

Welcome to FIM Mototour of Nations 2019!

The global “check in” and the “welcome” moment, will be held at the space of the main hall of Castelo de Vide City Hall.

It’s very easy to get there, and the roads are very good.

The Address is:

Camara Municipal de Castelo de Vide, Rua de Bartolomeu Alvares da Santa, 70

7320 Castelo de Vide - Portugal

Coordinates GPS:  N 39° 24′56.3”, W 7° 27′18.4″

Registration Sold-Out

Once the limit for the registrations defined in the regulations has been reached, the organization closes them within 10 days of the date defined.

Used to big challenges and experience rooted in numerous international events, the various editions of the Trial and Trial of Nations to FIM Rendez-Vous Meritum (2003), FIM Motocamp (2014) and FIM Mototour of Nations (2016), Moto Clube do Porto accepted the challenge launched by the International Federation of Motorcycling and Motorcycle Federation of Portugal to organize the FIM Mototour of Nations 2019. And because we like to affirm ourselves through innovation and quality, the MCP is preparing to surprise all international bikers that will visit Portugal for the 6th Edition of the event, scheduled for September 5 to 9.

With epicentre in Castelo de Vide and The Excellence of the Rural World as a motto, the Mototour will provide unique experience, full of charm and tranquillity where, more than the fantastic landscapes that only the Alentejo can offer, is the quietness in the comfort of nature that will Score points. Arguments that only the rural world can offer and that lead the Moto Clube of Porto to offer the 250 participants a unique opportunity to discover the most friendly, elegant and cosy rural tourism houses and small hotels of charm, in that what will be the Distinctive note of this event. But not the only one!

Innovation extensible to the gastronomic chapter experiencing the delicious and peculiar Alentejo cuisine, but also to the tour, with huge variety of roads where the driving pleasure is exponentiated by framing, large cornfields to olive groves, the mountains to the Plains, rivers to the Great Lakes. Variety also in monuments that underline centuries of rich Lusitanian history, the presence of prehistoric peoples, Arabs and Romans, the battles for the independence of a beautiful and secure country, where the hospitality of the people leaves indelible mark in the heart of those who visits us.

Unique opportunity to discover the serenity of the interior, to enjoy the maximum of your motorcycle, while facing immutable values, with high quality and organisational excellence as usual at Moto Clube do Porto.