FIM-Mototour 2016 comes to Portugal.

Moto Clube do Porto (MCP) and the Portuguese Motorcycling Federation (FMP) welcome you to the beautiful region of Porto and North of Portugal.

With magnificent roads and landscapes even better, the 4-day event promises to be unforgettable!

The MCP is preparing for you, the best itineraries, best places, landscapes, monuments, etc.

The accommodation is excellent, 5*, with comfort and quality guaranteed!

The team that will accompany you will always be at your service. Is a very experienced, knowledgeable team and already familiar with this type of organization, and even familiar with you, since it was also the one at the last Motocamp in Portugal.

We are sure that you will spend a few moments of excellent conviviality!

About the cuisine we don't even talk. Not to be missed!

Some of the details are not yet complete, so sorry, but will always be updated on the website and special communications.

It's for the good of the event and the quality of the same, these details are being finalized with great accuracy.

In time, everything will be known and communicated.

Welcome! We're all counting on you!

Mototour Director

Nuno Trêpa Leite