Bikers from the bottom of my heart

The Canadian Motorcycle Association honours the Moto Clube do Porto for its’ enormous care and dedication to foreign bikers.

The Moto Clube do Porto (MCP) was most surprised and delighted to receive the Fulvio Callimaci Award, presented annually by the Canadian Motorcycle Association (CMA) to “an individual or group who have supported or promoted motorcycling in an exceptional way during the past year”, from the hands of the Chief Executive of the CMA, Marylinn Bastedo. The award was presented to Nuno Trêpa Leite, Vice President of MCP, at the FIM Commissions Conference in Geneva, where Nuno was taking up his position as a member of the FIM Commission for Touring and Leisure (CML).  The CMA bestowed this award on MC Porto at their Annual Gala, held in Hamilton, Ontario, where the CMA, celebrated their 70th anniversary. The award was made in recognition of the support offered to John Pineo and his wife Beth from Canada, after they suffered a serious motorcycle accident in Portugal, a few days after they had taken part in the 2016 Mototour of Europe. We leave here the endorsement published by the Canadian Federation in their newsletter:

“When John Pineo and his wife Beth were seriously injured in Portugal, they were in hospital in Portugal for over 5 weeks before being able to return home. During this time, members of the club arranged for almost daily visits, taking them fruit and pastries and other foods, kept contact with the clinical team, took care of laundry needs and accompanied them to the airport to ensure all went well for the return home. Porto is located 70 km from the hospital. A remarkable example of exceptional support for their fellow motorcyclists!”

It is with great pride that Moto Clube do Porto now recalls the event organized in Northern Portugal, from 8 to 11 September, with the publication of video produced by Miguel Angelo of Skyfoto. The video offers minutes of contemplation, reflecting the pleasure of more than two hundred bikers from France, Belgium, Switzerland, Great Britain, Denmark, Croatia, Ireland, the Netherlands, Austria, Canada, United States of America, the Czech Republic, Greece, Italy, Spain and Portugal over four days very well spent in our country.

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