Remember the FIM Mototour of Nations 2016

FIM Mototour of Nations Quinta de Curvos

The new “Skyphoto” video shows the moto touristic delight of more than two hundred foreigners in the North of Portugal.

The event has been marked indelibly in the history of the Motorcycle Club of Porto as well as in the heart of the more than 200 bikers who from 8 to 11 September 2016 took part in the 3rd Edition of the FIM Mototour of Nations. It can now be remembered in the video produced by Skyphoto, showing images collected and treated for the Moto Clube do Porto by Miguel Angelo that, over the course of several minutes allow you to enjoy the beautiful landscapes of Northern Portugal and the pleasure felt by the more than two hundred riders from 16 nations over some very well spent days in our country.

The organization was regarded as a great success, recognized by all participants and representatives of the various clubs and federations present, also drawing favourable comment during the Conference of Commissions of the Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme, held 11 and 12 February in Geneva.

We leave here the endorsement published by the Canadian Federation in their newsletter

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